China Mobile Vice President Jian Qin says the company expects 70-100 million 5G sales in 2020Wang Hengjiang, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Terminal Company predicts 150 million or more 5G phones will be sold in China in 2020.

Prices will go down to US$300 by June or July and ~$200 by the end of the year. Wang Hengjiang also predictedthe scale of the second half of the year will be scaled up. By Q1, there will be several 5G chips available. In the second quarter, less expensive chips should hit the market, allowing the summer drop in phone prices.

By the end of 2020, China Mobile expects to cover between 600 and 700 million people with a 5G network. The 2020 plan is for 600,000-800,00 5G cells.  

These plans are far ahead of anything in the West, but the Chinese carriers have shown they can produce remarkable results. 

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Welcome  Asia is installing hundreds of thousands of 5G radios and adding 5G subs by the tens of millions. The west is far behind. 200,000,000 in 2020

The demand is there, and most of the technology works. Meanwhile, the hype is unreal. Time for reporting closer to the truth.

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